"I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this book! Refreshing, renewing, and full of hope! A Pace of Grace is the first book I have craved to read in its entirety. It is nourishing and so practical to apply to all types of lifestyles. The author,Linda Kavelin Popov, has shared such a treasure and delivers her experiences with such tenderness and understanding that those who read her book will be inspired to make little shifts in their personal lives to allow for a "graceful" life.

Veda Afsahi, California

"For those drowning in the chaos of too many demands, A Pace of Grace provides a refreshing, practical approach to balanced living that any of us in our fast-paced world will do well to pause and consider. The author's style is candid, reflective and inspiring. She complements her own story of overcoming paralyzing fatigue with the experiences and insights of many others from across a wide range of spiritual and cultural traditions. This book provides the ways and means of living out the author's prescription to 'fill your cup and you will have an overflowing sufficiency to give to everyone you love and anything you do.'"

Dr. Warren Harbeck, journalist
Alberta, Canada

"A Pace of Grace is a book to keep by your side, not one to put aside. It is a book I will read over and over again and have purchased many copies for my friends. The author's real life anacdotes make it a very readable book. At the end of each chapter she highlights the main points and introduces the reader to what is coming next. This helps to build anticipation. The author offers manageable solutions to universal frustrations with daily living. After reading each chapter I was energized and motivated to make some needed changes in my life. I am very grateful to have this inspirational resourse and love sharing it with others.

Grateful reader, Chicago, Illinois

"And thank you again for introducing me to Linda Kavelin Popov's A Pace of Grace. I really can't thank you enough, since it is exactly what I need. Never been one to pace myself, always was a sprinter, hold my breath, etc., etc. Body just won't take it anymore, and I must learn to accept that I can do anything I want, but just not everything. Sigh. Couldn't have done this attitude adjustment without that book...and the dear sister whom God sent to show it to me!"

Cheryl Schuette, Editor
Healing and Unity Newsletter, Michigan

"I recently discovered your book A Pace of Grace, and have been digesting it slowly.I want to say thank you for this wake up call. My college roommate, who is now a missionary in Saipan, told me about the Virtues Project, and introduced me to the books. Thank you, thank you, thank you. It is my hope and dream to someday attend a retreat and soak up more. In the meantime, the books are a lifeline!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Carol Brown
Omaha, Nebraska

"I enjoy reading; but I don't always hold onto many books. This is a keeper. It offers workable ideas on "restoring grace, sanity, and vitality to our lives".

Mary A. Thornton

"I spotted A Pace of Grace on the shelf at Barnes & Noble and, for whatever reason, I knew I had to buy it. I just wanted to write and tell you that I absolutely love the book. A Pace of Grace has changed my perspective on so many things! You truly have a gift for sharing your experiences, thoughts, and practical ideas in a gentle and inspiring manner. I have given your book to several important people in my life who have loved it as well, and I also recently purchased your Family Virtues Guide. What a kind and heartfelt message you send. Please know that you have touched my life and are making a tremendous positive impact on lives everywhere. Thank you, thank you!"

Christine D. Hegstad, Ph.D.
Editor, Meaning & Purpose
MAP Professional Development, Inc.
Meaningful Careers, Purposeful Lives
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