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1. Purity and Cleanliness   Immerse yourself in water daily. Eat primarily pure, water-based foods as well as grains. Reduce fats. Drink eight glasses of water a day.
2. Breathe (Pranha)  Exercise moderately every day. Breathe fresh air as often as you can. Breathe deeply. Practice Yoga.
3. Proper Vitamins  Take supplements you need and use homeopathy.
4. Proactive Rest  Have a routine of rest once or twice every day. Stop before you get tired.
5. Pace Yourself   Set moderate work hours, respecting your body's inner clock. Choose your tasks carefully. Keep your correspondence current. Enjoy! Enjoy!
6. Pray Every Hour  Throughout the day, let your time, your work, your activities be a prayer. Maintain an attitude of gratitude.
7. Pursue Peaceful Activity   Cut television down. It depresses you. Read, write, listen to music, watch the fire, spend time being.
8. Play!  Spend time in ways that give you joy and make you laugh.
9. Prioritize  Put your first passion first. It is your most productive activity.
10. Plan a Sustainable Life.
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